>All good gifts

19 Jun


My lovely blogging friend Miriam has just published a list of gifts: things that she is blessed by in her everyday life, and for which she is thankful… So far she has 400 gifts on there, and she aims to continue to add to her list, with the idea that she will reach the 1000-mark before too long (although I get the feeling that she intends to carry on after that, and turn this exercise into a daily discipline…).

The list makes for delightlful reading in itself, and brought a smile to my face many a time! But more than that, after reading it, it had the effect of making me look at every little detail of my life with fresh, grateful eyes. I found myself saying ‘thank you’ for milk, flour, butter and my balloon whisk as I was making a white sauce for last night’s meal. I found my heart swelling at the thought of the countless things I could put on my own list, and at the realisation that I am truly blessed!

Those who know me intimately know that I have a nasty tendency to dwell on the negative, and to wallow in self-pity. I am not proud of this and feel it is something God wants to deal with; and reading through Miriam’s list was the real eye-opener as I could sense my thinking gradually shifting. Maybe this is what Paul meant when he wrote: “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”?!

So, inspired and indeed grateful, I shall be starting my list of thanks today.

And one day, I’ll maybe share it with you all.

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