>A little quiet in the Blogosphere

9 Jul

>I know I have been a little quiet in the last few weeks. There has been no space or time for me to stop here and put my thoughts down.

This would go at least a little way to explaining WHY…:

Mmmmmmmm. See what I mean???!! Seriously though, I guess these images represent the hecticness of running a household of growing boys (that would include dear Mr Wibbs obviously), and I have no shame in confessing to the world that I am not, nor ever will be, a “Domestic Goddess“, or a “Perfect Housewife“.

This morning at the start of a new week, I am again confronted with the necessity to re-align my priorities. And having just returned from ‘Re:Fresh’ (our annual church camp), I feel, strangely, that housework can wait, while I just watch my little boy wondering around the house in his pyjamas, singing ‘Happy birthday to you’ to himself for absolutely no reason whatsoever – his delight in just being is so refreshing and eye-opening.

And so my prayer for this week is that, like Ben, I will be more able to delight in the simple things of life; and that I would challenge myself daily to make Jesus Christ the very core of my being so that everything I do is out of love for Him: an act of worship, a fragrant offering, a sacrifice of praise.


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