>After the floods

26 Jul

>Well, things are slowly returning back to normal, although for many in the areas where the flooding has happened (Gloustershire, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire…) it is going to take months to clear up and rebuild, as much dammage has been done. I am sad that many homes have been completely devastated and lives torn apart by these floods, and that there is not much I can do for all these poor people apart from pray!

We are fine here, and I feel almost guilty about it… Don’t get me wrong, I’m oh so glad we weren’t flooded; however it kinda means I’m not really entitled to any opinions about how each and every person might be dealing with it all, as I haven’t experienced it myself!

I just love the promise of this blue sky picture, it fills me with hope and anticipation of sunny days to come…as I’m sure there undoubtedly will be a few ahead. In the meantime, this horrid British summer is getting me down and the kids go stir crazy when they can’t get outdoors!! I mean there’s only so many times I can stick Toy Story on, isn’t there… I wish I could share Anna’s perspective on the weather in this country and say I love it, alas I am too British to do so!! Us Brits do like to whine about the weather so. It’s my prayer that I can stay focused on the beauty of that blue sky in her picture, and look up instead of down.

And be thankful (yes there it is again, it’s beginning to feel like a well-worn theme in this blog of mine): thankful that there is rain falling at all! That our country is so green and fertile, that there are puddles to splash in and wellies to be worn!

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