>7 Random Things About Me

11 Feb

>Lovely Michelle, Elliot’s Mama, has tagged me (I guess it’s payback time, right?!) for this ‘meme’. Second one in a month – hope you guys don’t mind, I do quite like talking about myself *silly grin* – but I do hope it’s not too much of a bore for you to read.

1. I often surprise people by how ‘crazy’ I am, because I come across as quite sensible most of the time. I’m also kind of dippy, clumsy and scatty which (I hope) makes me at least a little bit irritating endearing.

2. I am utterly fluent in French. I lived in France from 1979 to 1992, and my mother is French; I guess that explains a lot 😉 In France, people wouldn’t know that I’m 100% fluent in English, with no hint of an accent (well…there is maybe a ridiculously tiny hint of one when I’m tired – or angry). However, I am utterly incapable of either counting at a normal speed in English, or of reciting the alphabet/ months of the year/ days of the week in English!!

3. I totally HATE getting my socks wet, so I always wear slippers around the house.

4. I sing in one of the church worship bands (there are 3). People say I have a good voice…I would love to record some stuff in a proper studio. Not to be famous, but to have some fun and be stretched.

5. I cannot stand changing duvet covers, especially the big ones. I have been known to cry in frustration when changing a duvet cover. How embarassing is that??!

6. I can run extremely fast! Not for long periods of time, but in short bursts. I used to beat all the fastest boys at primary school, to their disbelief – lol!

7. I am a very emotional, feeling-driven person, and yet I seldom cry. When I do cry it can go on for hours, and so I guess I sometimes choose to keep a lid on the tears, so that I don’t end up looking like a puffed-up frog on drugs.

There, I enjoyed that!! I now tag RK (unless someone beat me to it and you are tagged already), Jessica, Melissa, and Ellen


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