21 Facts about Thomas

17 Oct

Get It Down; 31 for 21

1. He totally adores playing with cars. Obsessively so

2. He has ‘fallen in love’ with Eddie, his new bus driver (an upbeat, hilarious Scotsman), and pretends to cry when he gets dropped off after school…

3. His favourite word at the moment is ‘monkey’.

4. ‘Monkey’ is his favourite term of endearment for pretty much anyone he comes into contact with (in the UK this means ‘a person regarded as somehow like a monkey, as a mischievous or imitative child’). He calls me “Mummy-Monkey”; except it sounds more like ‘makee’ or ‘makick’

5. His favourite movie is Tarzan. He knows the dialog by heart, and is able to expertly mime everything that happens in it

6. He hates bananas…

7. …and most other types of fruit – apart from satsumas or clementines (apparently). He calls these orange (‘awidg’) yet when I offer him orange, he throws it across the room and declares ‘no, awidg, yuk!’

8. He hates any type of veg

9. He drinks very little

10. He ‘suffers’ from chronic constipation… *surprised?!?*

11. He started walking just before he turned 3

12. He’s unbelievably cute – AND HE KNOWS IT!!

13. He loves his own space, and puts his toy basket against his door when he’s playing in his room so his brothers can’t get in. If they try to force their way in, he screams: ‘geh outta mah woooo…!’

14. He is incredibly strong despite also being on the ‘floppier’ end of the spectrum for Down Syndrome – and your safest bet is to keep well out of his way if he’s in a strop

15. His favourite foods are ‘ahwidgis’ – and no, that’s not ‘oranges’ (watch the clip in my previous post and you’ll get it!), pizza, and ice cream. *Yup; he is just a boy…*

16. Seeing as he likes pizza, I make my very own tomato topping which I cram full of veggies and sometimes an apple too; and then blend within an inch of its life. He wolfs it down and is none the wiser. Hehehehe…

17. Whenever he passes wind, he faithfully apologises (‘paden meee…!’) then giggles profusely

18. He instinctively knows how to elicit a smile out of even the grumpiest soul

19. He responds to men infinitely better than women

20. He is the most fickle little ‘monkey’ I’ve ever known…

21. He likes silky labels (the ones you find on the inside of most clothes) and is perpetually on the hunt for one to stroke, especially when he’s tired. This can make getting dressed a considerable challenge…

I’ll have to run a 2nd one of these lists – one is just not enough…
But it’ll do for now!


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