>Craving a simple Christmas

4 Dec

>Each year I am appalled and pained at how our society masks the truth of Christmas, and misses the point by about a thousand miles.

“…the garishness of the season seems to provoke me more than ever. a few days ago i wandered the store aisles, turned shiny balls over in my hand, brushed against velvet with cold fingers, cringed at the plastic music. i left hollow and starving for something more…”

Tonia, a lovely blogging friend of mine, has written about her hunger for a return to the raw meaning of Christmas: a simple Christmas, which in its simplicity and bareness, shows Christ unadorned, in all His glory.

Please visit Tonia’s blog and read the whole post. It would also be of great benefit to anyone who is sick of the way Christmas has turned into a spending binge, to watch the following video. And go to this website for more on the Advent Conspiracy… Awesome stuff.

Come, Lord Jesus…


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