>Bathing by candlelight – and other bites of loveliness

13 Dec

>The lightbulbs in our bathroom have both ‘blown’, and so I am quite enjoying bathing the children by candlelight for the time being… it feels rather romantic and relaxing! It makes the room a lot warmer too!

Here is Fireman Tom, ‘label-ted’ in tow (I should explain – this teddy has only one thing going for it: the silky label on its bottom! Were it not for the label, Tom would simply not want to know).

Ben and Tom pretending to make me ‘dinner’. The whole game took on a new dimension when they started experimenting with the oven gloves…

This picture is of the ‘finale’ of Tom’s nativity play. There is something so incredibly moving about Joseph and Mary in wheelchairs… I think maybe it speaks to me of God’s perfection meeting with our imperfection at Christmas time.

Mark had run out of hankies. I gave him hankies. (he counted them, there were 25)

An early morning shot of mummy and Ben. He looks particularly exquisite… Me? Bit sleepy!

This last one was a self portrait. I had given Sam my camera in one of my more generous moments… I think this one came out just perfect!! He really IS that goofy in real life. Ah, Sam! We love you!!


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