>Happy Birthday Bon-Papa!!

23 Jan

>This is a little later than I would have liked – but had I posted a birthday entry in time for the actual day (15th), those photos would never have featured here… And that would be a shame. See: I flew into Paris on the very day of my daddy’s birthday as a surprise (um, it was a fairly significant one… enough said!). I think the desired effect was achieved, and he was utterly surprised, … and also delighted!!

We had a wonderful family get-together for the occasion, of which you can see a few prize photos here. My 3 handsome, kind, lovely brothers were all there as well as one sister-in-law plus ‘bump’, and one sister-in-law-to-be…

We all squeezed round a fairly small table in my parents’ sitting room in their new flat in Chartres… and had an incredibly delicious meal, some exeedingly good wines, and lots of laughs!

Yes, there is indeed something to be said for family. Mr Wibbz was sadly not able to be there, as someone had to look after the children while mummy was away… but this ‘sacrifice’ in itself was one of Mark’s most precious gifts to my dad (and to me, incidentally), and was so gracefully given – and gratefully received; so his absence in a way was part of the celebration, and he was very much ‘there’ with us, very much appreciated and loved, very much one of the family…

So – happy birthday, my dear lovely daddy!!! It was a joy to see you so joyful, so relaxed, so delighted, …and so young 🙂

God is good.


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