>back seat blogging

13 Feb

>i am longing to be able to sit down and write here…
but frustratingly i am struggling to find the time or the energy;
just as card-making, playing the piano, and getting my ‘8-a-night’, blogging is having to take a bit of a back seat right now, as other things have temporarily made their way to the top of my list of priorities…
Much is happening that is worthy of being ‘blogged’, i can assure you!
and it is not that i am not doing things i enjoy
but quite a few of my favourite things to do will just have to wait for now
because my priorities – when i have time to spare – […ha, like that ever happens…!!] are to exercise, eat, sleep (a ‘healthy’ minimum of 5-6 hours/night), read, and be in the company of other grown-ups… those are the activities i am ‘indulging’ in, when i am not in the company of small children… – my children,…

…wiping bottoms, faces and sticky fingers, bathing, cleaning yoghurt splodges off table-tops, making playdough, cooking fish-fingers and chicken-nuggets and squirting tomato ketchup on top
…driving to school, fetching from school, doing homework, breaking up fights,
…reading stories, talking ad-infinitum about things which, on the whole, have no obvious relevance whatsoever to every day life,
…cuddling, kissing, reassuring, praising, comforting, rebuking, apologising…

…need i go on???

i will continue to blog periodically but erratically,
whenever i have something important to ‘announce’ or report
or have pictures that tell a story
or feel like doing a copy-and-paste job with my status updates on Facebook, for sheer entertainment value (for myself if no-one else!!!)

and that’ll have to do…

oh, and by the way: we have finally found ‘The’ One… And very much hoping our offer will be accepted… It is beautiful and I will post pictures soon.


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