A successful bonding trip

4 Aug

>While i’ve been busy scouring the Internet-based plethora of property-finding search-engines for the last two days, Sam (8 & 3 quarters)……and his Daddy (a ‘tad’ older)……took a ferry across to the Isle of Wight……with bikes and rain coats…as well as swimming gear…!(I know I already posted this one yesterday – but I like it. Ok?)…for a special, well planned out (- by Sam; I mean what do you expect from a child with ASD?!!), father-son trip.

By all accounts they had a super, if exhausting time. I will no doubt hear all about it all later in glorious technicolour from my chatterbox of a son, who will be eager to give me a detailed account of the ice-skating, the visit to the circus, the theme-park, a night at a bed-and-breakfast, gallons of coke and other forms of junk ‘food’; tales of swimming in the sea, of riding bikes around parts of this incredulously beautiful island, and of visiting old haunts…

Me? I was at the other end of the phone, missing them but delighted all the same by this serendipitous bonding adventure.

Aren’t Daddies just GREAT?!!!!


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