Out with the old, in with the new!

23 Feb

>I don’t think I actually ever posted pictures of our new home on this blog of mine…
I didn’t, did I…!!
Forgive me.
My bad.
I guess I’ve been so caught up in the here and now, trying to embrace our new life, making friends, getting the kids settled, and overseeing some essential renovation work in the house, that I completely forgot to actually show proof that we do indeed live somewhere new…!!

So without further ado, (…are you really sure you haven’t seen my new house before…?? Honest? If I’m wrong would someone please correct me by linking to a previous post about our new house in the comments. Thanks)…. *drum roll* here it is:

(Pictures all taken back in August 2009… Before we moved in)

Good. Glad I got this out of the way!
Now shall I get onto what I was really wanting to blog about…??

The kitchen.
And whole living area.
We were always going to update it all, and the kitchen desperately needed ripping out and replacing.
The work started in January, and what will now follow is a picture account of the transformation.

sliding door leading from enormous living room/ diner into tiny poky, very dated-looking kitchen

see? It’s not what you would call high-tech… I mean – it barely belongs in the 20th century really…

The gas cooker didn’t even work… I had been using the oven which thankfully still worked, and a microwave

so out it all came!! Oh happy day…

Sliding door and stud wall came down too, leaving it all beautifully open-plan

New solid-oak floor nailed into place throughout the entire room…

kids even gave the friendly builder a helping hand

Then kitchen units started going up, gradually; sloooowly…

Until, finally, the ugly duckling was no more!!

I am actually humbled by this stunning outcome…
It has exceeded my expectations, and is more beautiful than I could’ve ever dreamed!
So, maybe the moral of this little tale, is that good things exceedingly good things, come to those who wait…?


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