Maybe I Should

10 Jul

Maybe I should start posting from my phone again as I seem to get distracted by facebook and other silly things on the computer.
And that’s just not fair on my blog and anyone who might be wanting to catch up with our news or read whatever interesting rubbish I may have to share…
So here I am, using blogpress again.
It won’t last!
But we’ll give it a try.

I am in bed on a Saturday morning slowly sipping a cup of tea while my boys play in the sandpit; the *new* sandpit in the *new* deck outside our *new* home in Devon…

It’s been a very warm summer so far, yesterday being the warmest day of the year so far – apparently – and today the sky is overcast, bringing some much needed relief from the heat…

I am grateful.
For my Lord, my life, my husband, my boys, and my Bible, which is much neglected these days … As my cuppa tea is getting lukewarm by the minute I am now signing off as other things await.


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