6 Dec

>I am getting itchy… Restless… Mind overflowing with creative thoughts
I really need to write. If only I had something SPECIFIC – or at least even remotely clever – to write about… But no; no, I don’t have an agenda here. I don’t even have that gift, that charming, witty way with words which makes a reader come back for more…

Still – write I must. For me writing is like the need to bake (and eat!) cakes: not essential, but nonetheless necessary; an intrinsic, messy, chaotic and overflowing part of my personality.

Which is why I love blogging. Of all kinds. Macro and micro. See: it gives me a platform for doing what I do best: wearing my heart on my sleeve…….

Well. I have been posting on this blog for almost 4 years now


Some years have been more prolific than others, but this last year, in particular, has been pretty lean – for several reasons, mostly of the emotional sort.

So now I very much want to turn a new leaf and start blogging afresh, possibly probably even on a new blog. And write with more purpose; and conviction; and coherence…. Ah heck who am I kidding!? Coherence is taking it a step too far!!!


Watch this space

…That’s all I’ll say.

For now.
Cos there’s always tomorrow 🙂


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