17 Dec

Against all odds, it seems even our little part of Britain has succumbed to snow, in spite of the micro-climate that usually makes Torquay a very mild place to live…

Now I’ll happily confess that I’m really not the world’s greatest fan of Britishsnow.

But honestly. CAN YOU BLAME ME?!?! I mean, really?!? The littlest hint of a snowflake and you’d forgive anyone for thinking the world had suddenly ended… Why is this country SO VERY ill-equipped to deal with such “extreme weather conditions”…?!?!

A slight snowfall stops life in its tracks; here are a some examples:

  • Schools close. This makes me Really Really Cross. The entire local radio network is taken over by news-bulletins, updating an ever-growing list of school closures every 10 minutes.
  • The traffic and all public transport grind to a halt. For DAYS. The level disruption is R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S and completely disproportionate to the amount of actual snow on the ground; children are late for school, grown-ups late for work – and countless injuries and accidents cause the emergency services to become utterly saturated. Helpful.
  • Finally – due to grit shortages, the entire country has been known to go into a National State of Emergency… Quite literally. The military get called in to ‘help’ – which I’m sure makes the guys crack many a private joke at the expense of the Great General British Public. Can’t say I blame them.

This behaviour confounds me. To me, it is highly irritating yet also quite hilarious ridiculous: while at the sight of the white stuff falling from the sky, children (rightly) squeal with excitement  – rushing out (mine in the most inappropriate attire!) to make snow angels, snow men and have snowball fights, …the rest of them us behave like pathetic, lost, helpless, and ever-so-slightly moronic little sheep.

Embarrassing, I tell ya.

That said…….

It sure is pretty 🙂


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