Yesterday and A Lifetime Ago

13 Jul


It was 15 years ago to the day that I married my adorable Mr Wibbs.
I don’t feel all that much older than I was back then, yet I also feel like a completely different, new person. It feels like yesterday yet also like a whole lifetime ago. How does that work!?! It’s the mystery of life and marriage, a strange and beautiful paradox.
The other mystery is that, somehow, in marriage the 1+1=1 formula is true. I would say our three incredible, gorgeous boys represent that formula quite accurately…which makes me all warm inside πŸ™‚
I won’t say too much more, except this one thing: the vows one makes at the altar on That Day ARE FOR LIFE; there is no get out clause!!
Mark and I didn’t understand what we meant when we promised “for better for worse” 15 years ago. But that promise, to me, completely sums up marriage – and to keep it requires patience, perseverance, and obedience. And faith.
And love.
Love of a different, deeper, more messy kind.
Real, sometimes-painful love.
Indescribable, unconditional, heaven-sent love.

We are learning.
Slowly but surely.

I really wonder what my reflections will be in another 15 years… What a relief I can’t read into the future! I’m glad we get to live this today, here, now. And I’m so glad we get to share this life adventure Together. So – Happy Anniversary my darling!! For better for worse πŸ™‚ xxx


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