Butter :)

25 Sep

It’s no big deal really but I MADE BUTTER TODAY!!!
And d’you know what, it’s dead simple 😉

Wanna know how to do it?!


None of this shaking-milk-or-cream-in-a-jar-for-hours business – all you need is a decent amount of double (or whipping) cream, a large bowl – and a good whisking device 😉

I used 2x600ml bog standard double cream (NOT the extra thick stuff) to make 500g of butter.
VERY IMPORTANT: cream MUST be room temperature…and is best used about one day before its best before date.

Place the cream in your bowl and whisk on high speed. Very quickly it’ll have got through the stiff peaks stage; it now starts to thicken and takes on a vaguely yellowy tinge.
Change the whisk setting to a low speed, and keep whisking as tiny clumps of butter start to appear and separate from the whipped cream.
Very soon after that larger clumps of yellow butter will form around a pale white liquid – the buttermilk.
When nothing more seems to be happening however much you whisk…you’ll realise it’s time to stop!

Drain off (and keep!!) the buttermilk.

Now the real fun begins, because you get your hands dirty 😉
Squeeze every last drop of liquid out of the butter with the back of a wooden spoon inside the same bowl – then fill the bowl with COLD (this is vital!!!) water and start kneading the butter in the water.

Tip the water out and repeat. This is messy, and the more challenging part of the operation. Still – the reward of fresh home-made butter at the end will be well worth the effort!

It will take about 7 times of repeating the kneading in water process but it is essential that you continue to do so UNTIL THE WATER RUNS CLEAR.

Once the butter is ‘clean’ then you can add salt and other flavours (crushed garlic, herbs…) into it and press it into the shape you want (roll or block).
This freezes very well (keeps up to three months frozen) but do not add anything to the butter if you are going to do so.
Otherwise wrap your butter in cling-film and store in the fridge.

It took me 30 minutes, and I am thoroughly tickled pink with the result 🙂


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