Contentment and blue lollies

24 May

I will write a proper post soon…
One day…
When the novelty of having a totally edible puppy has worn off – or he has grown big and smelly and the cute factor has diminished by about 100% – whichever happens first.
Until then, I’m afraid Max is the very best excuse I’ve ever had for sitting in the sun and doing absolutely nothing…! I’m L.O.V.I.N.G (almost) every second of having a dog and find myself wondering why we didn’t get one sooner – I guess the only logical answer to that one is that Max didn’t exist then 🙂 In other words, now is proving to be just the right time.
…and he doesn’t look exactly unhappy about the whole thing either, now, does he!?? Talk about a “dog’s life”!!

Oh, and incidentally… Chilled out pups make for chilled out children. It’s true!! It really works. And my Sam’s loveliness is coming out more and more as he spends time with his “Boy”. Heart-melting stuff…


Now. What’s this about blue lollies, I hear you ask…?
Here’s your answer, right here:


Needless to say he was a little hyper for the rest of the afternoon. I should’ve known better.


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