Promise and an impromptu baptism

25 Jul


This Psalm has been very meaningful to me, especially over the course of my little Benji’s life so far, and even more so after this incident…
Feel free to take a minute to refresh your memory – or read the whole story if you’re new to my blog – I won’t go over it again here: it’s in the past and that’s where it belongs!

To me Psalm 121 is a deeply powerful promise from God that He has his hand firmly on my life, on my family and on this 7 year-old child of mine…

And now as a testimony that God really is in control I wanted to share this…

Fast-forward to last Sunday when my almighty God blew convention completely out of the water (ha! See what I did there?!!) as only He knows how – and blew us away by engineering this amazing milestone to take place when we least expected it…


That’s right, my baby boy got baptised in the sea!!
Just like that.
He saw 9 other people being ‘dunked’ and at the end said, “I want to do that!”… So our lovely vicar Mark, after a quiet little word with us to just double check this was ‘legit’ and that Ben did indeed know and love Jesus, agreed that there was no reason why NOT to baptise him – and so that’s exactly what he did, with Daddy to help.



That was it.
Pure and simple.
There was no long-winded testimony – the baptism speaks for itself.

And I know Jesus is smiling over us, and blessing us as we keep our eyes fixed on Him and strive to live obediently, surrendered, grateful (and grace-filled) lives for Him.

To Him, and Him ALONE be the glory.


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