A Sunny, Outdoor Kind of Week End

17 Feb

The sandpit got its first “outing” of the season! They spent hours in there, digging trenches and pouring water into them and building mounds for Lego forts and cars. The stuff boyhood is made of. 20130217-201236.jpg
Thomas climbed into the bottom part of an ancient cider press using the dog’s lead as a climbing rope…
…then decided it was all too much hard work…
A more (and rarer) civilised moment for Tom
Sam, on an outing to Looe in Cornwall with grandparents, also felt like a little impromptu lie-down. Runs in the family.
Brothers, contemplating the deeper things of life. Like chips and Lego and Top Gear.
Scooters and shorts – MUST be summer…!
That boy is too much of a thrill seeker for my liking
A little private whisper between daddy and the Middle One. Wonder what he was saying??
And the last one…not so sunny:
…those 4 boys sure do make me happy…


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