Awake, My Soul

1 Mar

My soul is awake.
At last.

I am awake AND awakening.
Present continuous…and ‘continual’.

His fiery breath of Life is flowing through me.


The dust is clearing, the mist is lifting; my eyes are seeing, my ears, hearing – and there, in my belly, is a fire gently burning.

There is nothing I can do or want to do to stop this. It is the result of a realisation that I am fully in love with the Creator of the universe and of all mankind – who is also my Daddy God; the saving King who is also my Friend, Jesus Christ. And on and on it goes…

This goes way beyond logic, reason, and eloquently put theological arguments.

He has captured my heart. Hook, line and sinker.

May I never again go back to the Valley of Dry Bones, for I no longer belong there… Nor do you – nor does anyone for that matter. We all have a choice to live, fully, passionately, richly, but remember Aslan? Only He could breathe the stone statues back into life…

True, eternal life can only truly come into being with the majestic Lion’s breath of life flowing through our veins.

Only He can transform a heart of stone into a tender, pumping heart of flesh.

Will you allow this?
Will you let him awaken you, breathe his fiery life into you so you can know the extreme joy there is to be known in this magnificent life He has for you??


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