Me? I’m Having A Day Off.

8 Mar

The pace has picked up quite a bit these past few weeks.

My involvement in the prayer and worship ministries at church has gone up one level, and I am slowly taking much more of an active role in those areas… this delights me, and thrills me and yet also humbles me because I am seeing God at work in my life and in people’s lives around me like NEVER before.

Outside of church and home life I am becoming more established as a classroom helper at this school, and hoping – no, asking (God…!) for some kind of job to come up there as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly I am also facing the prospect of returning to language teaching. This is not something I ever thought would happen but it seemed God had other ideas!
There are numerous language schools here in Torbay and as the milder weather arrives, hundreds of students from all over Europe and the Middle East (even the Far East) start flocking to our little part of the UK in order to learn and improve their English and experience life here in all its glamour and sophistication.

And so, just like that, an opportunity has come up for me to try my hand at teaching conversational English to groups of (mostly German) students who are starting out in their adult life (…in other words they are no longer snotty teenagers – which is the age group I have vowed never to teach ever again, at least not in a classroom context. Teenagers in school groups are mean, spiteful, obnoxious and crafty little buggers, and I’m just not cut out for teaching them. End of. Nothing personal…). I’m told these students are motivated, and polite, and respectful, and eager to learn. I guess we’ll find out how I get on in April when I start teaching in earnest – for now I am preparing, observing, and praying for a huge dose of peace and supernatural, God-given confidence. The company I’m working for seem to be extremely supportive, encouraging, and very laid back in their approach. Just what the doctor ordered.

Needless to say it’s pretty intense, emotionally, as well as physically, as my routine radically changes from a fairly sedentary stay-at-home existence to a progressively more active, working lifestyle. I have been praying for this to happen for years, and it’s finally starting to happen. I’m excited and exhilarated but to be honest, I am also exhausted by the transition. And this is rapidly turning into an exercise to see how many more verbs beginning with ex- can I use in one sentence.

Incidentally while we’re on that subject, what does “exhaustipated” mean?
It’s when you’re too tired to give a shit.


So today I am having the day off. I’ve cleared my diary, have decided to see no-one and go nowhere except for the obligatory drop off and pick up at the school gate – and a walk with the dog at a nearby country park. Time ALONE with God. Long overdue, much needed time out. It feels good.

I’ve had a proper home made coffee. Well, latte, to be precise.
I know. Get me.
Did some drawing.
Cleaned my kitchen whilst listening to some godly stuff on podcast.
Played with my dog.

Oh, and I found flowers.

First, camellias – how can I ever get bored of camellias?!

Followed by a cute, perky, cheeky little cluster of mini daffodils.

Snow drops? They’re still everywhere. A reminder that spring is really only just beginning…

Then, a magnificent magnolia tree which has only just started to blossom. What bliss.

Buttercups, heavy with a recent downpour…

And finally a glorious carpet of purple crocuses.

What more could a girl ask for…?
(Don’t answer that.)


4 Responses to “Me? I’m Having A Day Off.”

  1. Nikki Lannon March 8, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

    ❤ I too have gone from stay at home mum to really very busy life. I absolutely love how my life is going but I hear you about taking time out. It's important to stop, breath and enjoy just being.

    Joe and I have spent the whole morning sitting by the sea at the Grand hotel drinking coffee and talking about Matthews Gospel. Absolute bliss!

    • heavenlyelevenses March 8, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

      Does sound like bliss, the Grand is our favourite place to go for coffee and lunchtime dates 🙂
      So good to see you in your work environment yesterday – I wondered if you felt any different after we’d prayed for you?!

      • Nikki Lannon March 8, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

        It was great to see you too. I have to say I felt absolutely joyful after you prayed for me. I felt lifted! My first client was a no show as I thought but it gave me some time to reflect so all good 🙂

      • heavenlyelevenses March 8, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

        Wow how amazing!! Doesn’t surprise me but am thankful all the same, what a change having a kingdom perspective makes to every day life, eh?! God really is awesome…

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