…to be continued…

17 Jun

We are on the cusp of June.
It’s nice and balmy, with a gentle breeze drying my children’s bedding.

Two of my three have been and are still out and about taking part in this
For free.
All week.
Seriously, go check out the link. We are talking about an incredible opportunity and they are having an amazing time.
For free….did I mention that?!

The middle one is ‘chillaxing’ (ugh – don’t you hate that phrase?!) in front of his favourite cartoon, after a little outing to walk the dog, buy ham and eat fast food.

The dog is, well, doing what dogs do. Lying on the grass, in the sun, waiting for his next meal.
Or a ball.
It’s a dog’s life.

Sounds like bliss, right?!
It is.

So I should be grateful, right?!
I am.

Except I am doing everything on auto-pilot. My legs feel like they might give way at any moment, and my head is in a fog. I feel weak and unable to do the simplest of tasks.

It is beyond me what the matter may be.

Of course, healing is necessary and ongoing for many things. And I know this much – my God is doing what only my God can do: healing me deeply, from within, by the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, through the beautiful life-giving breath of the Holy Spirit in me.

Still on a day to day basis, even though I am 100% sure deep healing IS happening, I am also sure I am not “firing on all cylinders”. And I am just as certain that sometimes God uses modern research and the medical profession to accompany or complete the healing processes we go through.

And so, let’s see what the professionals come up with.

To be continued…


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