These words pack a punch – please read.

25 Jul

First in “Punch-Packing” series.
And most definitely NOT the last.

Faith is not a relationship with God. Faith is the connection to a relationship with God. In the book of Acts the Church was called “the Way, ( a walk) not the faith. I’m concerned that Christianity has become a philosophy to believe in instead of a Person we follow.

I’m concerned that we are making converts to Christianity that are not followers of Jesus. Christianity has often, historically not followed Jesus. Christianity has performed terrible atrocities’s, started wars, oppressed women, encouraged slavery, and imprisoned its detractors. All these things that Christianity propagated were taught against by Jesus Christ Himself. He said love your enemies, pray for those persecute you, and he who slaps you on the right cheek give him your left cheek also. He was opposed to violence, loved people who didn’t love Him, and forgave the people who crucified Him.

Jesus taught and lived the highest moral standard ever conceived by humanity. But nowadays people call themselves Christians and live however they want to. They entrench themselves in sin and yet insist that they are following Jesus. They may be Christians who acknowledge a belief system that they don’t follow but their lifestyle bares no semblance to the life of Jesus.

Virtueless Christians and powerless believers are altering the definition of Christianity but they can’t change the path of Jesus Christ. I am increasingly concerned about being identified as a Christian as defined in the 21st-century and by 2000 years of history. Yet I find myself more passionate about following Jesus than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I don’t mind bearing the identity of being a fool for Christ. But I am resistant to being identified as a foolish Christian. The two are no longer synonymous.

(Kris Vallotton)


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