But ‘Thankful’ is the Last Thing I Feel Like…!

25 Aug

Yesterday I found myself grumbling at God about one of my boys who had been contradicting me in every.single.little.thing. It had been a long day and I was worn out and grumpy. That particular child had been relentlessly badgering me for hours about one thing and another and I had had enough.

The washing needed pegging out, which is always a nice little opportunity to catch up with the Big Man and have a breather from the kids. (The other thing I do to get some space is, well, sit on the toilet; with the door locked.) So I snuck outside with my basket of soggy clothes and my list of woes.

As I started ranting and swearing – don’t judge me – I suddenly stopped. In a rare moment of sanity (or is it insanity – I’m never sure…) I felt God sitting next to me, his legs crossed and a teasing glint in his eye. He was quiet for a while, just looking at me; and then he whispered kindly, “remember that thing we’ve talked about before, about thankfulness? why don’t you try saying thank you for that child instead? Just a suggestion. But you and I have been here before and you know the better way…”

Needless to say it turned my whole attitude around towards my boy in an instant. I had left the room in anger, but I returned feeling peaceful, joyful and much much lighter. And happier. I gave him a giant squeeze and told him I was crazy about him. I think it took the wind out of his sails a bit.

See, through the obedient act of being thankful, darkness had turned to light, heaviness had been replaced by peace and stillness, and there was a tangible sense of order being restored because God was back on centre stage.

Let me tell you something.
You don’t have to FEEL thankful to practice thankfulness. But when you start saying out loud what you’re thankful for, the oppression and darkness of discontentment leave the room.

It’s like when you force yourself to smile.
Try it. Don’t care if you don’t feel like smiling, just do it.
Go on.

…U smilin’ yet?!
Do you feel more like smiling than you did a minute ago??

Do you get my point…….!?

Sometimes you need to start saying thank you for what you don’t necessarily feel thankful for. It forces you to look for the good in everything. And you’ll soon find that it’s a much more effective weapon against the enemy than many other forms of aggressive spiritual warfare. When Satan is faced with someone who is full of thanksgiving and praise, He is utterly disarmed, helpless, and scared. And He’ll run away fast – just you watch!

So go on.
What are you thankful for today?


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