Free Food

8 Sep

You’ve got a kilo of potatoes to make some mash. Cos mashed potato is yummy, archetypal British food, and goes so nicely with sausages.

Thing is, you need to peel your potatoes first don’t you?

But this is the other thing: you would normally throw away your potato peelings. Wouldn’t you?!? Well DON’T!!!!! No no no. Never again.

From now on, this is what you can do instead: Wash your spuds, then peel them. Spread your peelings onto a baking sheet, spray with virgin olive oil and sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Bake at 200°C for 10 mins or so. They should come out crispy and golden. Just like Walkers crisps, except WAAAAAY better for you.

Now eat while you’re waiting for your spuds to cook – flippin’ gorgeous.

You’re welcome.

(By the way – these homemade crispy skins are Lorraine Pascale‘s brainchild. I am just the messenger; I tried and tasted them for myself today – and was too excited about them not to share them with y’all. Take it as my contribution to world peace. Or something.)


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