Sweet Direction

21 Sep

Life is sweet right now and I am in love with my God in a way that I have never been before.

It’s like I have had laser eye surgery, and now I see things crisp and clear.
Everything is being realigned and my perspective feels right. I can see for miles! In glorious technicolour, 3D and HD.

There is a well of bubbling joy deep in my soul and every so often, the joy spills out in such a way that it’s like I am flying.

Is this how it feels to be given direction straight from God?!
Even though I have no real idea how the next 5/6 years are going to go, even though I don’t know if I will achieve my end goal, I feel totally sure that I am on the right path. Even though there is so much uncertainty about the rest of the journey, and its very destination, there is definitely enough light for the first step; so much light in fact that it is blinding. Maybe that’s where the expression “blindingly obvious” comes from…. Now there’s a thought.

Someone once described this type of deep joy as “peace-joy”. Together with the bubbling joy there is a peace that is rock solid. A peace “beyond comprehension”, a peace that can only come coupled with this type of joy. It’s the kind of peace that makes you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, even though there is going to be hardship and uncertainty on the journey, God has something VERY BIG and very good in store.

Am I making any kind of sense??!
I am just thinking out loud, trying to put feelings and mysteries into words.
But really, there is no way to describe true, real joy, and deep-seated peace. All I can say is this: they are not humanly conjurable, because they are too real for that. Only God can be the source of such rock-solid emotions.

Do you need direction in your life?
God has placed an inner-compass in our souls.
What are you dreams? What makes you buzz with excitement?? Do you have any recurring thoughts of where you would like to see yourself go in life, and do those thoughts make you burn inside??! Do you have a bucket list?
Answers to all of the above questions may be an indication of where your God-given compass is pointing.
All too often we ignore those promptings and decide to play it safe and stay logical. Except all too often that’s not where joy and peace are to be found. Because you are trying to quell God’s hints as to who it is He has made you to be.

Stop playing it safe.
Take a risk and follow up those inner promptings; make some phone calls, do whatever it takes to see if there is any mileage in those dreams you’ve had for years. You have disqualified yourself in the past before even looking into it, but maybe now is the time to take that first little step of faith, and see if you don’t in turn find freedom, joy and peace….
Cos I’ll tell you something for free: it really is worth it!



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