Lump-Free White Sauce

23 Sep

I won’t keep you too long today, I’ve just got a neat little trick to tell you about.
It’s called “lump-free white sauce”.
Call me slow if you will but I’ve struggled for years with this problem and I think I’ve finally discovered what I was doing wrong.

So you melt your butter (PROPER BUTTER, please) and add an approximately equal quantity of flour to that (although you CAN use twice as much butter as flour if you want a richer smoother sauce…) and cook for a few minutes over a v low heat.
That’s technically called a ‘roux’ by the way.

Then add at least half of your milk and whisk with a balloon whisk until you have a LUMP-FREE sauce as thick as double cream (or maybe a little thicker). If you have added enough liquid to your roux, and whisked fairly vigorously, you shouldn’t have any lumps in there…

Add the remainder of your milk/ liquid and keep stirring/whisking over a low heat until the sauce is simmering and has reached the desired thickness.

There you have it, your white sauce is perfect!

You’re welcome.


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