27 Sep


This autumn season is always a delight to me.
It fills me with wonder and expectation.
Like spring, it is charged with one last burst of energy before things start to quieten down for a more passive, restful, reflective season.


How fitting then, that after a three-month hiatus, Max the lab is now firmly back home, where he belongs.

Looking back, I now recognise how ill I was in the weeks leading up to, and then during, the first part of the summer; for whatever reason, I was having some kind of nervous breakdown… So the very thought of having to walk a dog was inconceivable, as I was barely managing to even drag myself up and down the stairs. At the time I felt this would go on forever. I couldn’t imagine ever feeling well again, and I guess a big chunk of hope vanished into thin air the day my energy levels took a nose dive.

But about 12 weeks on, it is now Officially Autumn – and I am like a new woman.

Don’t misread this and somehow get the impression that my life has suddenly taken on a glossy, rose-tinted sheen.
Believe me I have a full set of ready-made challenges to contend with on a daily basis…and yes, sometimes life HURTS. More than I dare to comprehend or put into words.

But I feel strong.
There is a deep sweetness to the taste of my broken, sometimes painful life – and that only makes sense with Jesus at the centre of it all…

Amazing what a hefty helping of the Holy Spirit, seasoned for good measure with love and tenderness from family and friends, a bit of dancing and a side-order of medication, all saturated in wall-to-wall sunshine can do for a girl…!

And so at the start of this new season I am rediscovering the glorious Devon countryside that surrounds me with relish – and what better way to do this than with this handsome guy



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