Pushing through.

3 Nov

At the end of yesterday I was facing a pretty impossible situation. It made me feel sick with anxiety and fear. It made me swear (yes, swear) in anger and frustration. I started to get swept down into that familiar whirlpool of negative thinking…until eventually, everything looked bleak and my grip on reality was all but gone.

I went to sleep after my amazing husband suggested he pray away the negative thoughts and push through the darkness until the dimming light became brighter again. He prayed – then I prayed.
In my prayer I thanked God in faith for the breakthrough I was going to see in the morning.

It was so hard to do I cried a little.

I woke up this morning, and the situation hadn’t changed. Of course it hadn’t.
But when Mr Wibbs drew back the curtains a big bright perfectly formed rainbow was staring me right in the face…

I still felt stressed and anxious, angry and frustrated – and really has no idea how breakthrough would come. But I prayed some more. Through gritted teeth, and whispered words which I really am not proud of, I prayed and thanked Him, and reluctantly decided to trust Him rather than myself.

The breakthrough came, suddenly, 10 minutes before a critical point from which it would have been difficult to come back. Something cleared, and it’s like God placed a rainbow in my understanding. I then knew exactly what to do, clear as day, blatantly obvious as that brightly coloured arch God had painted across the sky about an hour earlier.

I followed God’s instructions, did what I felt He had told me to do (through another person, as well as just revelation, I think…) – breakthrough was confirmed, and I found complete freedom!! The few hours that have followed since then have been glorious, fruitful, and I believe quite possibly a source of breakthrough for others too.

It’s definitely worth pushing through and speaking life into a situation that feels like death.

God has a solution for every one of your dead-ends. Are you prepared to thank him in faith for what He has planned for you, for what He will do to bring about breakthrough??

Will you trust him and push through…..?


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