21 Dec

Tonight I am breathing a sigh of blessed relief.
This latest half term has felt like swimming through treacle but finally we can stop for a few weeks… School is over, baby!!!

Call me a Grinch if you want to – but opting out of Christmas gets more and more tempting as time goes on (…one year I will actually do it….) and if it wasn’t for three little boys’ eager anticipation, I would just as easily hide away for a month or three, with a plentiful stock of good books, tea-lights, art-supplies, coffee and mulled wine.
Ah, now, doesn’t that sound blissful….!!?!

I wonder if this time of year will ever get easier. The whole charade leaves me a little disillusioned, angry and exhausted. BUT.
Could it be that not having the option to “opt out” might actually be a Good Thing?
Because it forces me to dig deeper for meaning, for deeper revelation, for a closer encounter with the living God, Immanuel – and to look for the stuff that really matters, the hidden, secret, quiet stuff.
Just because I can’t hide away doesn’t mean I can’t choose what I will and will not allow to have influence over me and my family.

And that is precisely what I’m doing. I have spent a total of under 4 hours in the high street and done what little was left of it online. I am just not willing to take part in the zombiefied frenzy the world seems to think is an essential part of Christmas. Instead I am gunning for peace, rest, stillness – and defending the right to just ‘be’.

We are 6 days away from “the big day” and lo and behold I am sitting in a onesie sipping tea and eating banana cake (yes, that one!); my kids have just broken up from school for two weeks, and I am planning to do as little as possible in that time, except watch crap Christmas TV, eat lovely food, and celebrate my best friend’s birthday by saying thank you quite a lot.



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