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Flood Warning

18 Oct

So I have signed myself out of Facebook, again, for about the 35w0%1y52*nth time in about 2 years.
If not more

And this means I’m gonna be here a whole lot more, because, you know me: I need to say stuff, get things off my chest, write!!

Things were getting to me over there, I was starting to lose a grip on what really mattered and allowing others on there to influence my state of mind; it was time for a bit of a break.

Time out, away from the whole set up. To think some stuff through, get my perspective back, and shrug off a few unpleasant critters that were trying to move in.

I might write more about this some time in the near future, but for now, I’m on a hiatus and it doesn’t half feel good!! I feel so much freer already – I might even consider not going back again, ever.

We’ll see.

Anyway – HI! If you’ve come over from Facebook because you just can’t get enough of me (…..seriously, I am joking, I’m not THAT in love with myself…) – welcome to my little patch of the Blogosphere. Or welcome back if you’ve been here before.

This blog comes with a flood alert, but you’ve probably guessed that by now. I write long posts with long sentences with lots of (long….sometimes….?) words in them.

Not much I can do about that, just be careful you don’t drown or lose your footing… And I’ll try and randomly dot a few pretty pictures around from time to time to give you a breather.

Like these.


Taken while walking in the glorious Devon countryside this morning.

See ya’round…


Nothing Quite Like It

9 Jan

Well if discovering this site doesn’t make me want to blog about food again I really don’t know what will…
Witty writing combined with heavenly pictures of indecently, delicious-looking yummy stuff is just too much for a girl to resist.

Am also adding this site for its author’s hysterically quirky and honest writing, as well as her beautiful-sounding recipes – totally LOVIN it 🙂

Oh, and Foodgawker is where I found the above two blogs. Worth checking out if you like feasting your eyes on gorgeous food. (There’s even an App for those with an iPhone habit. You’re welcome.)

Needless to say, my taste buds seem to be coming out of hibernation so you better brace yourselves.


6 Dec

>I am getting itchy… Restless… Mind overflowing with creative thoughts
I really need to write. If only I had something SPECIFIC – or at least even remotely clever – to write about… But no; no, I don’t have an agenda here. I don’t even have that gift, that charming, witty way with words which makes a reader come back for more…

Still – write I must. For me writing is like the need to bake (and eat!) cakes: not essential, but nonetheless necessary; an intrinsic, messy, chaotic and overflowing part of my personality.

Which is why I love blogging. Of all kinds. Macro and micro. See: it gives me a platform for doing what I do best: wearing my heart on my sleeve…….

Well. I have been posting on this blog for almost 4 years now


Some years have been more prolific than others, but this last year, in particular, has been pretty lean – for several reasons, mostly of the emotional sort.

So now I very much want to turn a new leaf and start blogging afresh, possibly probably even on a new blog. And write with more purpose; and conviction; and coherence…. Ah heck who am I kidding!? Coherence is taking it a step too far!!!


Watch this space

…That’s all I’ll say.

For now.
Cos there’s always tomorrow 🙂


19 Jul

I am trying out a feature on my iPhone which enables me to post to my blog from my mobile and while I’m away from my computer, which I seem to be most of the time at the moment!
I have neglected this poor little blog of mine for too long and feel it’s time to come back.
It would seem Blogging is in my blood; I have put my Facebook account on hiatus at the moment but am missing not being able to write my thoughts down which is one thing I love about FB (where, as anyone who follows me on there knows, I am ‘Update-Queen’!!!).
So hopefully this way, I can blog a little more regularly, organically, and keep at least a couple of ‘readers’ (well -more ‘friends’ really…) satisfied, as well as myself out of mischief…
And, in case you were wondering… This …is still very much on the radar… But more soon.

>back seat blogging

13 Feb

>i am longing to be able to sit down and write here…
but frustratingly i am struggling to find the time or the energy;
just as card-making, playing the piano, and getting my ‘8-a-night’, blogging is having to take a bit of a back seat right now, as other things have temporarily made their way to the top of my list of priorities…
Much is happening that is worthy of being ‘blogged’, i can assure you!
and it is not that i am not doing things i enjoy
but quite a few of my favourite things to do will just have to wait for now
because my priorities – when i have time to spare – […ha, like that ever happens…!!] are to exercise, eat, sleep (a ‘healthy’ minimum of 5-6 hours/night), read, and be in the company of other grown-ups… those are the activities i am ‘indulging’ in, when i am not in the company of small children… – my children,…

…wiping bottoms, faces and sticky fingers, bathing, cleaning yoghurt splodges off table-tops, making playdough, cooking fish-fingers and chicken-nuggets and squirting tomato ketchup on top
…driving to school, fetching from school, doing homework, breaking up fights,
…reading stories, talking ad-infinitum about things which, on the whole, have no obvious relevance whatsoever to every day life,
…cuddling, kissing, reassuring, praising, comforting, rebuking, apologising…

…need i go on???

i will continue to blog periodically but erratically,
whenever i have something important to ‘announce’ or report
or have pictures that tell a story
or feel like doing a copy-and-paste job with my status updates on Facebook, for sheer entertainment value (for myself if no-one else!!!)

and that’ll have to do…

oh, and by the way: we have finally found ‘The’ One… And very much hoping our offer will be accepted… It is beautiful and I will post pictures soon.

>Another award!

11 Jan

>Wow… My lovely new blogging friend, Katrina, passed on this award to me… I feel really humbled, thank you!!

“Premio Dardos”, it would seem, means ‘prize darts’ in Italian. This award acknowledges the values that EVERY blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values with each message they write.

And so now, it’s my pleasure to, in turn, pass this on to a few more people:
(Elise, Andrea, Tonia, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you’d already received this award… Still, you deserve to receive it one more time!!)

Salt for the Spirit
It’s my life
Just RK
Moment by Moment
A Path Made Straight
Study in Brown
The Flourishing Mother

The rules associated with this award are as follows:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen as recipients. (although I’m sorry – it’s not 15….lol!)

>Warning! Irritable – read at your own risk…

22 Nov

>Seeing as I have been updating my Facebook status every 5 minutes in the last few hours (or so it feels), I figured maybe I actually had stuff to get off my chest, and so ought to just use my lovely little blog to vent. Just this once. After all, it doesn’t get all that much abuse; I have been kind to it on the whole, and treated it with respect. So a tiny, random, harmless (but heartfelt) rant once in a while won’t hurt. Surely.
(Will it??)

And just to clarify, I don’t have anything in particular to get off my chest, in case you were wondering. It’s just that life, with all its little daily intricacies, has got on top of me tonight – and I feel downright irritable. Nothing major has caused this, and I should know better by now than to mope and feel sorry for myself.
However, this is my blog and ‘I do what I want, cuz I can’…
(and if you’re bored, you could just use this post as an exercise in counting: for example, how many times does the word ‘just’ appear in these humble lines?…)

Anyway. Tonight, I am hyper-irritable. And before you ask: yeeeeeeees, it is that ‘time of the month’.

But still, who gave my children the right to be so unbelievably annoying??? Obnoxious, selfish, rude, smelly, and noisy?? And how come they all come back from a lovely brisk walk on this crisp autumnal day grumpier than when they set off??!

Why can they not just enjoy simple pleasures of life such as playing in mud, kicking a football around the garden, or just sharing a nice evening meal with their loving, doting mummy and daddy…?? Why the constant urge to fight, to whine and find fault with the slightest thing, to shout, throw rice and bits of sausage across the room – and spill water in MY plate of food, for goodness’ sake??!!!

So we come back from the walk that was supposed to make everyone happy, and the 2 ‘little ones’ are crying, while the older one is harassing his father incessantly to take him ‘on a trip’ (this is code for: ‘I want you to buy me the new “Clone Wars” DVD’…). Needless to say the little ones just get plonked in front of the TV, while Sam is absolutely NOT taken on a trip to buy Clone Wars.

Mark and I then decide to speed up the whole bed-time process, so that we can get some peace and quiet at last. But the irritation grows, and becomes nearly physical – to the point where I’m almost itching myself…

This is where I start updating my Facebook status:

6:12pm – Rachel is INCREDIBLY irritable… >@( *this is supposed to be a cross face, by the way…
6:19pm – Rachel is INCREDIBLY irritable … and cannot WAIT for everyone to get to bed… AAAAARGHHHHH!!!!!
6:42pm – Rachel is so irritable she will now leave the house and go on a quest for chocolate and wine.
7:29pm – Rachel has wine, and chocolate… Phew!
7:37pm – Rachel is wondering whether to eat the 2nd one??
8:57pm – Rachel ate the 2nd one… Yum!

And in case you’re wondering what ‘the 2nd one’ referred to, have a little peak here

I mean – can you blame me???!

Anyway, after the latest update, a friend comments ‘I bet you feel soooo much better for it!’… I reply: ‘well, I feel a bit sick actually… Oh dear :$ (I think that’s what they call instant gratification??)’ *maybe that should’ve read ‘divine retribution’ instead – but I believe in grace and forgiveness, which is just as well.

So, to conclude this little rant, I will say that the chocolate and glass of wine (red – please…) did help, somewhat. I feel a tad less irritable, or more chilled out, depending on whether you are a ‘glass-half-empty or glass-half-full’ – type person. Sam, our 8 year-old, is still struggling to get off to sleep, and it’s 22:28 pm. I think he inherited that from me, poor boy :o(
I am now feeling sick and headachy, from the chocolate and the wine, and my bed beckons.

But when all’s said and done, I’ll start again tomorrow: do my best to live life to the full, whatever it brings, ‘for better, for worse’ (they didn’t tell us, when we made those vows, that they extend for the most part to whatever offspring is thrown in to the mix…). Do my Utmost for His Highest, knowing that when tempers fray, and all isn’t ‘hunky dory’, by His grace, and with a bit of help on the side (in the form of chocolate and wine, Facebook and blogging), I’ll make it to another bedtime, and be grateful for it all – and especially wine, and chocolate.

PS: and that’s 10 ‘justs’, just in case you couldn’t be bothered to count them all up after all. Oooops, nope, make it 11…!! Is that right?? Or did I miss one…?

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