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22 Feb

At 11 years old my little Thomas just took his first shower at home!!!
Words can’t quite express how amazing this is… Believe me it’s a big deal.
He has been terrified of showers for his entire life, but has been ‘training’ at school – and this morning, as I prepared to get in the shower for my daily ablutions, he announced he was going to get in there first.
He promptly popped on some swimming goggles and bravely stepped under the water.
I am so proud and moved by his courage.

Funny how little things most of us see as completely mundane can be such enormous milestones for others….

Never, ever take anything for granted.



Too Excited for Words

12 Sep

….so this will have to do!

When I read it – it hit me right between the eyes.
Not literally you understand . Obviously.


The Heart-Mouth Connection by Rick Warren

“Hard work is worthwhile, but empty talk will make you poor.” (Prov 14:23)

The Bible makes a direct connection between your heart and your mouth. For instance, if you have a problem with profanity, that’s not a problem with your mouth. That’s a problem in your heart. If you tend to be critical and say sarcastic things, that’s not a problem in your mouth. That’s a problem in your heart. If you tend to exaggerate things and shade the truth, that’s not a problem with your mouth. That’s a problem in your heart. If you tend to say things that you think people want you to say rather than what you really need to say, that’s not a problem with your mouth. That’s a problem in your heart.

What you say has a direct connection to your heart.

Whatever your heart is filled with is going to come out of your mouth. If you’re filled with anger, anger is going to come out of your mouth. If your heart is filled with depression, it’s going to come out of your mouth. If your heart is filled with joy, that’s going to come out of your mouth.

The Bible says, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength” (NLT). Another way to say this is, love God with all your talk, all your feelings, all your thinking, and all of your acting. God shaped you to primarily be either a talker, feeler, thinker, or a doer.

Heart people have a real hard time being quiet. They’re talkers. When you’re a heart person, you’ve got to let it out. You’ve got to tell other people. Heart people love to tell stories. They love to sit and converse, especially in heart-to-heart conversations.

The world needs people who are communicators. We need people who can lead discussions and who can verbalize what the rest of us feel. We need teachers, counselors, and coaches who can teach us and direct us. We need comedians. We need preachers. We need all of these people who are built on verbal skills and who are able to move the world forward.

And then this.
This last bit was written for me.
It really was as if God was speaking straight to me.

God’s warning for talkers is this: You also have to act. Proverbs 14:23 says, “Hard work is worthwhile, but empty talk will make you poor” (CEV). That means you’ve got to move ahead. Some people never get past the discussion stage. What are you doing with your life? “I’m talking about doing this.” How long have you been talking about it? “Three years.” When are you going to stop talking and start doing? “I’m aiming to.” When are you going to stop aiming and pull the trigger?

Talk It Over

What is it that you’ve been talking about doing maybe for weeks or even months?
You need to move ahead. What steps will you take today to move forward? Don’t just talk about it. Do it!

I’m a talker.
All my life I have been dubbed “The Family Chatterbox”.
But that post by Rick Warren, it shut me right up.

It’s time for me to get on and DO what I have been talking about doing for years and years.

I have embarked on step 1 of many, many steps. There is a 5-year ‘plan’ I’m hoping to see come to fruition – but as I’m pretty sure it’s God’s plan, I’m going with it….

And I feel purposeful, excited and alive in a way that I haven’t felt for….well… years and years.


New Beginnings

2 Nov

Well, I failed miserably to complete my 31 for 21 challenge!
Although to be honest, it was never gonna work – I mean, what was the likelihood of me being able to sit down and blog for up to an hour (or 2) each day when I was also busy toilet-training the very child I was blogging about…??!?
Needless to say we’re a looooong way off from succeeding, and have yet to get him to poo anywhere else than his pants. So I’ve also been busy doing a LOT of laundry, which I guess is a by-product of toilet-training. Oh my.

There is also something major (well – apart from potty-training obviously…) going on in our lives right now: we’re moving!

Mr Wibbs has been offered a very interesting job in Devon, and so we are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market, which is no mean feat – especially in the current economic climate… In less than 6 months’ time, we’ll be beginning a completely new life down there!

We have NO DOUBT that this move is of God; the way He has orchestrated it all is extraordinary, and we have faith that He is the one leading the way. But it is nonetheless a pretty big thing for us – and it completely caught us unawares, because moving away from where we are now was never something we were seeking or anticipating.

God is good, but He never allows His children to stay comfortable for very long.
So I guess, I will be blogging from this new perspective from now on.
I am scared of what lies ahead, I am sad to be leaving many loved ones behind, but I am 100% certain that this is His plan for us.

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