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4 Sep

#2 in the series “Punch-Packing
Not my words but these echo 100% where I feel the Church is at in this day and age and what I am called to as a devoted, adoring follower of Jesus Christ.
The world so desperately needs us to ‘stand up and be counted’…
So – listen up!

I am deeply concerned that those who inherited freedom have lost sight of its high cost! I grieve over a gospel that is cloaked in benefits but requires no responsibility. Some bask in His victory while the nations continue to live in oppression, poverty, and despair.

I don’t doubt our victory nor do I question our great calling…but I wonder at lack of resolve that many Believers have to engage society at the level of their greatest pain and carve out a path through the snake invested jungle, carrying the weak to a place of safety.

We are not called to polish our armor or hold a Body-building contest! We have been left behind to transform the world. Contrary to popular opinion, Jesus said He was finished, He didn’t say we were!

When Paul spoke of his apostolic credentials he unleashed a list of beatings that would have scared Arnold Schwarzenegger. The very man that taught us about great grace was entrenched in a battle that scared his body and troubled his soul. Yet many Believers are convinced that we will tip toe through the tulips, or win the nations through some garden party.

Where are the women and men with radical faith and outrageous courage? When will the righteous reign and the demoniacs flee at the very sight of a child of the King? How long must we stumble through this darkness before we rise with wisdom that stuns the kings of this world? Who will step out from the crowd and dare to leave the cesspool of unrighteous living to embrace a life of purity?

These are the questions that plague my very soul. As for me, I wasn’t born to live near the sound of church bells…I was created to destroy the gates of hell! Are you ready to incite a revolution?

(K. Vallotton, senior associate leader at Bethel Church, Redding, CA)


I Am Not A Christian

20 Aug

Ha! Made you look!!

I have just posted this status on my Facebook wall.

I have decided to turn my back on “Christianity”. Instead I want to stake my identity as a lover, a follower, a believer of Jesus Christ. I belong to a Kingdom not a religion. I was born to be free from rules, punishment and legalism. I was born to live free and help others come into the same freedom I live in. I am a Kingdom warrior, with a crown on my head that says “Princess”. I want to stand against the mediocrity, the lame staleness the church is so often known for. Folks, we were born for SO MUCH MORE than that. Following Jesus Christ no longer equals “being a Christian.” Wake up church….!!!

Every so often I feel the need to nail my colours to the mast, to be radical and controversial. This is a kind of follow-up to this post…

It makes me so angry LIVID to see and hear, time and time again, how the “church” is capable of misrepresenting Jesus Christ and His Kingdom and how much damage it has caused over the years centuries. How little, in fact, it even knows who Jesus is. It’s shocking, shameful, and saddens me deeply.

So yes.
I am on the warpath.
I’m not afraid to be a Rebel for the King!!

[polite and loving disclaimer: I will not engage in any theological, intellectual, mind-bending debates in this blog. While your opinions are valued and worthy of respect, this site is not a platform for lengthy, wordy, subtle arguments. If you want to discuss this, get yourself a blog and write your response to this on there – then post a link to it in the comments below! X]

These words pack a punch – please read.

25 Jul

First in “Punch-Packing” series.
And most definitely NOT the last.

Faith is not a relationship with God. Faith is the connection to a relationship with God. In the book of Acts the Church was called “the Way, ( a walk) not the faith. I’m concerned that Christianity has become a philosophy to believe in instead of a Person we follow.

I’m concerned that we are making converts to Christianity that are not followers of Jesus. Christianity has often, historically not followed Jesus. Christianity has performed terrible atrocities’s, started wars, oppressed women, encouraged slavery, and imprisoned its detractors. All these things that Christianity propagated were taught against by Jesus Christ Himself. He said love your enemies, pray for those persecute you, and he who slaps you on the right cheek give him your left cheek also. He was opposed to violence, loved people who didn’t love Him, and forgave the people who crucified Him.

Jesus taught and lived the highest moral standard ever conceived by humanity. But nowadays people call themselves Christians and live however they want to. They entrench themselves in sin and yet insist that they are following Jesus. They may be Christians who acknowledge a belief system that they don’t follow but their lifestyle bares no semblance to the life of Jesus.

Virtueless Christians and powerless believers are altering the definition of Christianity but they can’t change the path of Jesus Christ. I am increasingly concerned about being identified as a Christian as defined in the 21st-century and by 2000 years of history. Yet I find myself more passionate about following Jesus than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I don’t mind bearing the identity of being a fool for Christ. But I am resistant to being identified as a foolish Christian. The two are no longer synonymous.

(Kris Vallotton)

Welcome to heavenly elevenses

5 Mar


*awkward cough*
*shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot*

Well I’ve done it.
I’ve gone and created a new blog.

So now what…!?

What does one write in one’s first ‘post’…?

I suppose it’s a bit like having just had a baby the first time around. You’re presented with this tiny, wrinkly, pink, screechy vulnerable little bundle, and expected to ‘get on with it’.
You look pleadingly at the midwife, desperately reaching into her eyes for hints of what to do next…

I know, I know.
this first post will soon be bottom of the pile – hopefully – and yet for now it’s still THE FIRST ONE.
What is it they say about “First Impressions”…!?!

No pressure.

Well I guess I ought to introduce myself (nah you can look at my profile for that!) the thinking behind starting up a ‘new’ blog.

Oh and by the way, if you’re not sure what a BLOG is, you might want to click here

I am new to WordPress but not to blogging.

This here is my ‘old’ blog – and though old, it is certainly not redundant.

But I just wanted a new platform to experiment with, play around with, and you can’t beat a new, fresh start, even one that takes you out of your comfort zone…
See, I am SO familiar to Blogger, that I now find myself on a STEEP learning curve here!

The idea for heavenly elevenses, is to make it predominantly about my passion for food and coffee, and God.
And all things creative… Card making, other crafts, photography, baking, home making, parenting…(‘Cos parenting IS creative, Right??)

(UPDATE: with a bit of wine on the side for good measure)

There are going to be tried and tested recipes here.
Tips on how to make the best coffee – and tea…
Step-by-step (simple) craft projects. Maybe. We’ll see.
Lots and lots of photos.
And that’s for starters!!

Here will be a place for me to share the little and bigger steps that make up my life’s journey: things I’ve learnt, failures, successes, the joys, the heartaches – and everything in between.
And how it all then fits into God’s plan.


I’m excited.
Nervous, but excited.

Over and out.

Intimidation – or why comparing is a no-no

9 Mar

I have suddenly come over all intimidated
and feeling pretty inadequate…
It’s no-one’s fault really, apart from mine…
I should know better than to compare myself to others. Big mistake.

As a result I now stupidly feel like I’m a lesser mother

…for just trying to get through the day without too many mishaps; for trying to just ‘survive’…
…for letting my kids eat meals in front of the TV much of the time
…for my uselessness when it comes to housekeeping
…for my inability to be consistent with my own boundaries
…for sucking big time at praying and fasting for my brood
…all too often for my lack of gentleness and kindness
…for my impatience and intolerance
…for even sending my kids to school, and not being able to cope with them being under one roof all at once for more than 5 minutes…! Seriously, shouldn’t I enjoy them and be grateful for every minute with them?? Instead I find myself craving my own space way too much and resenting them being there when they’re ill, or on holiday… When they ‘shouldn’t be’ there…

So many of you out ‘there’ are such amazing and godly mothers!!

Ok, so I have 3 kids who all have ‘special needs’…
I guess that explains quite a bit of the chaos that I live in.
Also I am single-parenting right now and it’s pretty heavy.
But if nothing else, surely I should be continually lifting my eyes to the mountains and acknowledging that my help comes from Him, maker and creator of all things; and petitioning Him for His help, His strength, His grace… And trusting that He will answer, in His way, in His time…..

I long – ache, even – to fill my home with laughter, beauty, dancing, singing, praise, joy, peace, godliness.
There is certainly an abundance of love in my home. That: yes.
But the yelling, the fighting, the lack of order, of firm boundaries…??

Oh God – help!
Give me eyes to see You in my life, in my home, in my kids’ lives, in my parenting, in my marriage.
Give me the grace to accept that it is in my weakness that your strength is made perfect.

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