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Flood Warning

18 Oct

So I have signed myself out of Facebook, again, for about the 35w0%1y52*nth time in about 2 years.
If not more

And this means I’m gonna be here a whole lot more, because, you know me: I need to say stuff, get things off my chest, write!!

Things were getting to me over there, I was starting to lose a grip on what really mattered and allowing others on there to influence my state of mind; it was time for a bit of a break.

Time out, away from the whole set up. To think some stuff through, get my perspective back, and shrug off a few unpleasant critters that were trying to move in.

I might write more about this some time in the near future, but for now, I’m on a hiatus and it doesn’t half feel good!! I feel so much freer already – I might even consider not going back again, ever.

We’ll see.

Anyway – HI! If you’ve come over from Facebook because you just can’t get enough of me (…..seriously, I am joking, I’m not THAT in love with myself…) – welcome to my little patch of the Blogosphere. Or welcome back if you’ve been here before.

This blog comes with a flood alert, but you’ve probably guessed that by now. I write long posts with long sentences with lots of (long….sometimes….?) words in them.

Not much I can do about that, just be careful you don’t drown or lose your footing… And I’ll try and randomly dot a few pretty pictures around from time to time to give you a breather.

Like these.


Taken while walking in the glorious Devon countryside this morning.

See ya’round…


Half Term Tales #3: Fancy Face Paint, Synchronised Climbers and Cuddles with a Blue-Shielded Knight

20 Feb

20130220-224047.jpg This gorgeous little princess is a little girl my friend Cathryn looks after – I hasten to add Thomas had never met her before…
20130220-224239.jpg How cute is this….?!
20130220-224248.jpg *melt…*

And finally… Will someone for pity’s sake please PLEASE explain to me how dogs manage to look so worried and sad and neglected for so much of the time??…
Just look at the eyebrows and see if you’re not suddenly consumed by compassion for that poor POORcreature…


Half Term Tales #2: Beach, Blossom and Sunsets

20 Feb











Protected: On Dissatisfied Butterflies And Keeping Busy

23 Dec

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Welcome to heavenly elevenses

5 Mar


*awkward cough*
*shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot*

Well I’ve done it.
I’ve gone and created a new blog.

So now what…!?

What does one write in one’s first ‘post’…?

I suppose it’s a bit like having just had a baby the first time around. You’re presented with this tiny, wrinkly, pink, screechy vulnerable little bundle, and expected to ‘get on with it’.
You look pleadingly at the midwife, desperately reaching into her eyes for hints of what to do next…

I know, I know.
this first post will soon be bottom of the pile – hopefully – and yet for now it’s still THE FIRST ONE.
What is it they say about “First Impressions”…!?!

No pressure.

Well I guess I ought to introduce myself (nah you can look at my profile for that!) the thinking behind starting up a ‘new’ blog.

Oh and by the way, if you’re not sure what a BLOG is, you might want to click here

I am new to WordPress but not to blogging.

This here is my ‘old’ blog – and though old, it is certainly not redundant.

But I just wanted a new platform to experiment with, play around with, and you can’t beat a new, fresh start, even one that takes you out of your comfort zone…
See, I am SO familiar to Blogger, that I now find myself on a STEEP learning curve here!

The idea for heavenly elevenses, is to make it predominantly about my passion for food and coffee, and God.
And all things creative… Card making, other crafts, photography, baking, home making, parenting…(‘Cos parenting IS creative, Right??)

(UPDATE: with a bit of wine on the side for good measure)

There are going to be tried and tested recipes here.
Tips on how to make the best coffee – and tea…
Step-by-step (simple) craft projects. Maybe. We’ll see.
Lots and lots of photos.
And that’s for starters!!

Here will be a place for me to share the little and bigger steps that make up my life’s journey: things I’ve learnt, failures, successes, the joys, the heartaches – and everything in between.
And how it all then fits into God’s plan.


I’m excited.
Nervous, but excited.

Over and out.

Healing Walk

16 Dec

>Yesterday I was in bed recovering from a vile tummy bug; I have never slept so much: all day and then all night… Boy I must’ve needed it!
Incidentally this tummy bug coincided with our entire central heating system being ripped out and replaced.
So this morning after (reluctantly) getting out of bed and driving the kids to their various schools, I really had no option but to escape. I would’ve much preferred another day in bed myself, but with a house full of tobacco-smoking, sweet-tea-drinking, gruff-sounding men I needed to get out.
So I headed for the coastal path and took a little 2-mile-long ‘stroll’.

In the brisk, pre-winter, sea air.

A healing walk.

…I love those types of walks!

They are privileged times when, away from all ‘worldly’ distractions, I can really rediscover myself, and meet with God… And remember to focus on the bigger picture. And pray.

Back massage and sunbathing

11 Aug

>It’s a sunny day and I am child-free until 5 pm…
I had a much-needed back massage this morning and now, guess what…??I am sunbathing.
You heard: SUNBATHING!!!
I haven’t sunbathed properly in years probably…Loving it…
Thank you Lord.

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