All about Coffee

A few things about enjoying coffee at its best.


1) Invest in a burr coffee grinder with different coarseness settings (this is the one I bought… Brilliant!)


2) get hold of the best beans you can afford. For espresso, you are looking for dark/ rich roast, strength 4+, and a bean that is almost black, deliciously aromatic in fragrance and as shiny as possible. That last point is key and marks the difference between your average cup of coffee and a classy, sophisticated, deeply rich and rewarding (chocolatey, musky…. How else can I describe it…?!?) taste.

3) for espresso-making, your beans must be ground as finely as possible, whereas for cafetiere/ French press coffee you will need your beans to be as coarsely-ground as possible.

4) only grind enough for immediate use; coffee spoils extremely fast, ESPECIALLY one it has been ground!!
If you have ground more than you need, immediately place the surplus ground beans in an airtight container then store IN THE FREEZER. I cannot stress this enough. Stale coffee tastes DISGUSTING, and coffee goes stale very very quickly.

Once you have used the amount you need, reseal your bag of coffee beans and, again, my personal advice is to store in an airtight container IN THE FREEZER. This is to ensure you really enjoy your precious coffee at its best. after all, if you’ve invested in good quality coffee beans, you don’t want them to go to waste do you!??

5) when you next need to use your ground, frozen coffee, just take whatever you need from your container and use straight away; do not wait for it to ‘defrost’ – there is no need!


Follow these steps and I PROMISE YOU, you will have given your cup of coffee the best possible start in life.

Ignore my advice, and suffer the consequences! You’ve bean (pah! See why I did there?!?) told.
Most people have a freezer of some sort at home, so there really is no excuse not to store your coffee in there. No big deal. At least give it a try?
For me?
Pretty please..?? *flutters eyelashes*

[disclaimer There is ongoing debate about whether to freeze or not to freeze. In my own experience I have found freezing works a treat, and most people who have had coffee at my house have raved about it. However if you’d prefer not to use the freezing method just keep your whole BEANS in an airtight container, away from light and strong smells, and grind-as-you-go.
Any prolonged (ie longer than 10 minutes) contact with air will cause your coffee to go stale. If you don’t believe me just do a sniff-test one day: stale coffee and fresh coffee just SMELL different! Honest.]


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